Our Program

The school provides a half-day program consisting of both organized and unstructured activities. We provide opportunities for both fine and gross motor skill development in a indoor/outdoor setting. Our environment is primarily self-directed. Parent-workers and two teachers provide positive encouragement while allowing children to explore activities at their own pace. The structure of the program allows parents and children to learn together, providing enrichment for both. While we believe that all children benefit from being integrated with children of all ages, we separate the older children from the younger children for certain components of the program such as pre-K and story time. We offer a supportive and nurturing environment for potty training. When children graduate from the school they are highly socialized and ready for kindergarten.

Tel-Hi Co-op is a play-based preschool: We believe that if children have the freedom to choose what they want to play, they will find the activity that meets their developmental needs at that time. We try to help them by:

  • Providing many different kinds of activities
  • Encouraging them to try (but letting them decide when they aren’t ready to do so)
  • Interrupting them as little as possible
  • Adding new materials to the play as they show the need for new experiences
  • Watching and listening to find out their interests, their questions, their understandings