Family Responsibilities

A cooperative nursery school is only as good as the participating families make it. Parental initiative is essential: success is dependent on the communal ability to replace the paid professional staff employed by a regular childcare facility. All parents (not just the board members) determine the policies, regulate the finances, maintain the equipment, and assist in the daily program of the school. Parents are encouraged to share their talents and interests to enrich the program and make suggestions for activities and field trips.

Each participating family is responsible for the following:

Workday: Responsible for working at the school from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm one day a week (per child). Each family is assigned a workday.

Job: Responsible for holding one Co-op job per child. The executive board is elected in the spring of the previous year and the other positions are assigned by the board.

Membership Meetings: Attend monthly meetings, generally held the 3rd Tuesday of each month from approximately 6:00 to 7:30 pm at the school.

Parent Education Meetings: Two Mandatory Parent education meetings will be scheduled for the school year.

Sub-day: One parent from each family must sign up for one sub-day a month (per child).

Maintenance day: Both parents are required to work our maintenance day, usually held in October on a weekend day from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Children are welcome.

Fundraiser: Each year the Co-op produces the popular San Francisco International Beer Festival, which is held at Fort Mason Center on a Saturday night in May. Each parent must participate in the fundraiser. Participation includes planning, set-up, the actual event, and clean-up/returning of items.

Though only certain parents are assigned to a year-long BeerFest Job, every Co-op family is required to work the weekend of the actual event. One person from each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 3 hours on the Friday before BeerFest. Both parents work the day and night of the event. One parent works from approximately 9am until 12am, the other parent works from approximately 5pm until 12am. It is a long weekend and childcare should be planned for appropriately. It is a great bonding and team-building experience for the parents. The money raised from the festival covers a majority of our school’s expenses, allowing tuition to remain affordable.