San Francisco International Beer Festival

This year’s BeerFest is Saturday, April 21, 2017.

The Co-op is fortunate to have inherited such an amazing fundraiser. It is extremely successful and we should be incredibly proud that it is put on by our preschool! With this fundraiser, we are able to raise enough money to cover a majority of our operating expenses. However, this event takes a lot of effort to put on. Many families begin working months in advance in order to procure beer, recruit restaurants and arrange for the logistics and coordination of the event.

Though only certain parents are assigned to a year-long BeerFest job, every Co-op family is required to work the weekend of the actual event, typically in April or May. One person from each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 3 hours on Friday in which Fort Mason Center is set up and ready for vendors. One parent from each family must work the day of the event from 9am-midnight. The second parent should arrive no later than 5pm and also stay until midnight. In addition to these two days of required work, we need volunteers to help with various tasks such as loading and unloading the trucks throughout the week.

BeerFest is also a great bonding experience for our community. As a testament to how much fun BeerFest is, most parents, despite being exhausted after days of hard work, still go out for drinks after the work is done, often staying out until 2am.

Parents should start planning for childcare for the weekend as soon as possible. It is a lot more fun when you don’t have to worry about your kids.