Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

Telhi Co-op is a parent participation preschool that provides a happy first school experience for children ages 2-5. Children learn self-confidence and respect for others through play in a safe, nurturing, and fun environment. We strive to develop creative kids with the socialization skills and self- confidence to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. We educate parents on child development and demonstrate positive and respectful techniques for working with children. Our extended community reaches both the school and our neighborhood.

Our Philosophy

We believe that play is the key to the social, physical, emotional and intellectual development of a child. If children have the freedom to choose what they want to play with, they will find the activity that meets their developmental needs at that time. We believe that a child-centered, nurturing, and safe atmosphere will provide a positive first school experience for our children, and will help them to develop to the best of their abilities. Family immersion education encourages self-confidence in both children and their parents.