TelHi Co-op is a parent participation preschool that provides a happy first school experience for children ages two to five years old.

The Telegraph Hill Cooperative Nursery School was founded in October 1954 to provide a healthy, safe, and stimulating environment in which children can develop socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. A cooperative nursery school is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, democratic organization where each family shares in the planning and operation of the school. Parents participate in the program on a rotating basis, serving as assistants to a professional nursery school teacher and staff. The efforts of parents and their direct involvement during the school day make parent participation nursery schools a unique educational endeavor. At our school, all of the administrative functions, maintenance, and fundraising are performed by the parent members rather than by paid staff members. Our school is a state-licensed child-care facility and a non-profit 501c3 corporation.

Some of the benefits of participating in a Cooperative Nursery School include:

  • Each child gains the ability to relate to and communicate with other children, as well as adults.
  • Each child experiences a variety of play equipment, expressive materials, and media, resulting in a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Each child also gains self-esteem. Parents gain an opportunity to learn and develop with their child as well as an increased awareness of the role of education in developing an effective and satisfying family life.
  • The community gains children who are learning respect for others, and families with a sense of community responsibility.
  • As a result of parent participation, we have lower costs, and our tuition is $515/month